Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breakfast Baked in a Muffin Tin

This is one of my new favorite ways to eat breakfast!  It takes a little bit of time to cook, so I like tossing it in the oven and going about my business (tending to babies or taking a shower or quietly sipping coffee) while it cooks.  Very minimal effort.

You need a muffin tin, meat of your choice (sausage or bacon), eggs, and bread.  I'm using Applegate's pre-cooked chicken & apple sausage, organic free-range eggs, and organic sprouted whole wheat bread.

I cut the bread into triangles and arranged into muffin tins like so.

I chopped up the sausage & piled into the cups, then cracked an egg on top of each one.  If you're using raw sausage meat or bacon, you'll probably want to brown it before you lay it in.

Is it just me, or do these kind of resemble a golden snitch? ha! I stuck them in the oven at 350 degrees for maybe 15 minutes.  It was long enough for me to blow dry my hair & nurse the baby for a little bit.  I'd occasionally open the oven and shake the pan: if the yolks were still wiggly, they aren't done.  When they don't wiggle anymore, they're done.

I like to pair mine with avocado and sprinkle with salt.

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