Friday, December 9, 2011

Coconut Milk Coffee

It's been awhile since I've updated.  I'm still cooking - just not blogging!

I'm part of a local natural food group that holds monthly meetings.  They met today with the topic of Coconuts.

I know I've already talked about coconuts and already talked about how to make your own coconut milk, but I learned today that you can make this milk with the dried coconut flakes.  I usually make it with fresh coconuts and somehow it never occurred to me to use coconut flakes!

Making homemade coconut milk from coconut flakes:
• 2 cups organic dried and unsweetened coconut flakes
• 4 ½ cups water
First, soak the coconut in the water, covered for 20 minutes.
Transfer the coconut and water to a high speed blender or food processor and process until smooth and creamy (a few minutes, usually).

 Pour the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer (or use a cheese-cloth to strain) over a bowl or jar. Press on the coconut pulp with a wooden spoon to remove all the milk. 

Cover and refrigerate for up to 3 days.

From here, I heated 1 cup of coconut milk in a saucepan and whisked it to make it frothy.  Then I added it to 1 cup of coffee with a tablespoon of cocoa & a tablespoon of honey.  It's perfect!  I think I have finally found a homemade, naturally sweetened alternative to flavored coffee creamer - with all the added benefits of coconut! :)

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