Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 12

Yesterday I came across a "healthy" version of pig in a blanket.  I don't know if hot dogs wrapped in bread are ever really "healthy" but they are certaintly a meal my husband and son are familiar with, and a recipe will all-natural ingredients is better than one without!  We used Applegate Farm's Organic Beef Hot Dogs and they weren't too shabby.  My husband ate his with organic pasta (white flour, so I didn't eat them) and a loaf of this rosemary bread he picked up.  I couldn't identify any of the ingredients as unnatural, so I ate some too.  I also cooked up some green beans.  Out of all of this food, my son picked the hot dogs out of the bread and ate only the meat.  Pretty typical. :P

I tried making yogurt with the last 3/4 cup of yogurt I had.  I found a recipe that didn't require the use of a crockpot, so I tried it but it was an utter failure.  The yogurt completely failed to set.  I will try again, and probably use the crockpot method.  Hopefully it works out better.  My daughter really loves yogurt, so if I could make my own, I know it would save us some money.

My son has been kind of funny lately.  I guess he is picking up on the "organic" talk.  I tried giving him a box of raisens and he said, "Are these organic?  I only eat organic raisens."  And they were organic, but he still only ate, like, 2 of them.  This morning when I poured him water he said, "Is this organic water? I only like organic!" ha.  It worked in my favor tonight when he really wanted to eat a spider-man popsicle from the ice cream man.  I explained the red dye used to color the ice cream is like poison and can cause cancer and offered some organic ice cream instead (it still had some processed ingredients, but no food coloring at least!) and he jumped all over that.  He didn't want the spider-man ice cream anymore. ;)

I was reading about all the health benefits of lemon and decided I could easily incorporate more lemon into my diet by squeezing it into my drinking water.  I drank six huge glasses of lemon water today.  I've had nothing but water and milk to drink for the last 12 days and it was extremely refreshing to have some flavor to it.  Over the course of the day, I had eventually consumed the juice of an entire large lemon.  Definitely need to buy more lemons.

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