Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 7

I made pancakes this morning.  I had intended to soak the flour in buttermilk overnight, but all the information I was reading said "cultured buttermilk."  And I'm wondering, is the buttermilk I buy at the store ok?  Or does it have to be buttermilk made from raw milk? I have no idea, and I have no "authority" to go to and ask (I'm totally winging this, remember?)  This morning, when I was mixing the whole wheat flour with the organic buttermilk I bought, I did notice it said "cultured buttermilk" on the bottle.  So that's probably okay, right?  I probably could have soaked the flour in that, I think.  Lame!  Oh well, when I saw my family actually eating the whole wheat buttermilk pancakes, I was happy.

Whole wheat buttermilk pancakes, pure maple syrup, fresh blueberries, grapes and canteloupe, free-range scrambled eggs, and a mixture of fresh squeezed orange juice & buttermilk with pure maple syrup and vanilla to drink.  This was a really delicious way to start my day.

 My processed-food-addict son was having a not-so-natural kind of day and was begging for goldfish crackers.  I had remembered seeing a recipe online for homemade goldfish, and I found another blog where a lady had modified it.  I followed the modified recipe.  It was simple: whole wheat flour, butter, and cheese.  I had to add a splash of raw milk to get it into a dough, it was too dry otherwise.  I rolled it out and used some tiny alphabet cookie cutters I have to make Alphabet Cheese Crackers.

But it was difficult and time consuming to get the dough out of the tiny letters, so I switched to a tiny heart cookie cutter instead -- much easier and faster.  I call them "I Heart Cheese Crackers."

My son wasn't thrilled about them and wouldn't even try them because they aren't shaped like fish.  I tried them though, and they taste like goldfish!  Except they taste superior to goldfish because the cheese flavor is way better.  Hopefully my son will come around soon.  He's missing out.

For dinner, we had quite a feast.  My father-in-law treated us to Alaskan King Crab & my husband cooked grass-fed steaks & hamburgers.  Some friends brought over a dish of organic aspargus with bleu cheese and dried cranberries, as well as a large platter of organic mozzerella cheese with slices of organic red and green tomatoes.  We had many full and happy bellies by the end of the night. :)  Unfortunately, there are no pictures of this beautiful meal because I didn't want our friends to think I was a total weirdo for photographing food. >_<

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