Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I was out and about one afternoon and became very, very thirsty.  I needed a drink, stat.  Here in Washington, there is no shortage of what I refer to as Coffee Shacks.  Small little drive-thru coffee houses that are conveniently placed in almost every single parking lot, everywhere.  I wasn't in the mood for coffee, but drove up to see what else they had.  I asked her what was in a creamsicle and she said, "Orange juice, vanilla and cream."  Yum!  It was delicious, but I wasn't about to ever again pay almost $4 for a few sips of orange juice and cream.

Here, I have re-created the creamsicle.

Start with a glass of ice and fill it 3/4 full of fresh squeezed orange juice.  OJ from the grocery store will work, of course, but you might want to read a little bit about processed orange juice here, here and here, first.  I prefer to opt out of buying industrial orange juice and make it myself from fresh oranges.  Maybe twice a month, I'll squeeze a bag of oranges and we'll all have a glass with breakfast, but we try not to drink juice on a daily basis -- it's really nothing but sugar.

Anyway, I'll jump off my juice soap box now...

Add 2 or 3 generous splashes of half-and-half or cream.  I know, I know, ideally you'd want to use raw milk, of course.... but I don't have any in the house today!

And lastly, add a splash of vanilla.

I know what you're thinking!  I even have store-bought vanilla extract!  I left my jar of home-made vanilla extract with a friend in Texas.  I need to order vanilla beans and get a new batch of extract going, because this junk has unnecessary sugar added to it. ;)

Anyway, there you have it!  A tasty little drink.  It tasted exactly the one from the coffee shack.

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